When I first took a camera in my hands, I just loved taking pictures of scenic landscapes. Therefore, I have heavily focused on landscapes in my photoseries. As my photography skills evolved, I fell in love with long exposure photography and eventually astrophotography. As a direct result, you will also see a lot of long exposures among my photos. Slowly I also explored the other realms of photography such as portraits, macro, etc.

As you embark on a brief journey into my memories, you will see some pictures with me in the frame. I consider it my style of 'watermarking' or 'signing' my pictures just like a director's cameo in a movie. It involves a lot more than just a tripod and a remote shutter release. An excellent example is the picture in which I am shining my flashlight at the Milky Way galaxy taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I had to stand absolutely still for 25 seconds to get a sharp silhouette. No composites there.

I hope you enjoy my work.

About Me

I have setup a small photo studio in my home that I use to shoot portraits of people.

I love traveling and I often take a lot of photos while doing so. Someone asked me once - "Why don't you just enjoy the moment instead of taking photos?". Of course, it makes sense. However, I also love taking photos - especially of the night sky. So I came up with a brilliant solution. I setup my camera on a tripod and let it capture the photos using a timelapse mode. This frees me from having to be behind it and now I can "enjoy" the moment.

As a child, one of my dreams was to work for National Geographic. I still pursue that dream and find myself traveling to many places where I can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. I feel so connected with Mother Nature in such a way that I feel she heals my stress, my anxieties when I am out there.

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